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The Ultimate Mortgage System
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  • Qualify borrowers based on: Today’s Rates, Income, DTI and FICO.
  • Easily Find Answers for EVERY Residential Mortgage Question
  • Shop Your Top 25 Lenders for Loan Types at Today’s Lowest Rates.
  Finds lowest price even when a lender offers mulitple versions of the same loan
  • Design Financing to Meet Buyer and Seller’s needs using any combination         of: Price, Payment, Rebate, LO Commission, Seller Concession and MI.
  • Calculate purchase Purchase prices based on:
            P&I Payment or Housing Expense
           Available Cash
  • Calculate Refinance Exact mortgage Amounts including all costs and cash out.
  • Displays UFMIP, VAFF and USDA Guarantee Fee amounts.
  • Displays Cash Over/Short to close including required reserves.
  • Displays Seller’s Allowable Contribution - Dollar Amount and Percent.
  • Displays Loan Officer Commission for every scenario.
  • Calculate various MI Combos – Seller, Lender & Buyer paid or Split MI.
  • Displays VA Non-Allowable Closing Costs for Purchase & Refinance.
  • Calculate FHA 203k: Price and calculate loan including repairs and pad.
  • Displays Maximum Mortgage Amounts for each U.S. County.
        oUSDA-RD with income limits
  • GFE 2010 Prepared completely in less than a minute including Fee Sheets for        borrower and lender.   (presently, California only)
  • Includes Single Purpose Calculators Find:
        oIncome – Average Self employed, Salaried and Hourly,
        oIncome – Grossed up Non-Taxable
        oAPR, very accurate.  Check your LOS and Competitors.
        oPayment Difference between two rates
        oInterest Only Loan Payment and Payment when it becomes amortized.
        oExtra monthly Payments savings.
        oAnd more.

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The Ultimate Mortgage Calculator
A Mortgage Trainer for New Loan Officers
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Pre-Qualifys Buyers based on: Assets, income, FICO and Rate
  • No Credit report required
  • No Application required

Shops lenders for Lowest Rate:
  • FHA, VA, USDA-RD and Conventional
  • 15 Yr, 30 Yr, 1, 3 and 5 ARMs
  • 203(k) Rehabilitation Mortgage

  • Allowable Closing Costs: FHA and VA
  • Buyers Minimum Investment - All Loan Types
  • Seller's Maximum Contribution - All Loan Types
  • Loan Officer Commission
  • Points needed to buy rate up or down
  • Rebate required to pay some or all the buyer's fees
  • Maximum Loan Amount for every USA County
  • Loan amount based on local maximum loan
  • MI, UFMIP, VAFF, USDA Gurantee Fee
MI - Buyer, Seller and Lender paid
UFMIP and VAFF - Buyer and Seller paid
  • Total Housing Expense
  (Principal & Interest, Taxes, Insurance, Mortgage Insurance and HOA)