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If Your Credit Score is Below 620 You May Still Qualify for an FHA Home Loan
If you have a credit score.below 620 and you have been looking for a home loan I am sure you have already found that most lenders deny your request based on your credit score.

There is Hope. 
96.50% Loan-To-Value FHA loans are available
down to a 560 credit score. 

Credit Scores below 580 require a10% down paymemt.

Call 858.451.1481 or
866.204.9733 Long Distance
(Sorry, California properties only)

You can be prequalified over the telephone without charge and I will suggest ways of increasing
your credit score.
If more convinient, email me at

All home loans under this program are 30 year FHA fixed with No adverse features such as balloon payments or prepayment penalties.
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